Rapid Blast™

Performance driven abrasives for the forging and foundry industry

Introducing the latest technology to improve shot-blasting efficiency and cut blast-cleaning costs.


  • Improved surface finish and part cleanliness
  • Designed to reduce abrasive consumption and related costs, such as disposal, by as much as 40%
  • Increased blast-cleaning efficiency, reducing cycle times by as much as 30%
  • Savings in energy, labor, maintenance, wear parts and freight
  • Reduced consumption and waste, benefiting the environment

If today’s prices of steel shot have you looking for alternatives, Rapid Blast may be the solution. If you need more blasting done in less time, Rapid Blast can help. Get the benefits of cut wire shot without the expense!



Current Cast Shot SizeS-550S-460S-390S-330S-280S-230
Frohn Conversion SizeCW-47/S-550CW-35/S-460CW-32/S-390CW-28/S-330CW-23/S-280CW-23/S-170
Frohn Part #S-550-RBS-460-RBS-390-RBS-330-RBS-280-RBS-280-RB

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