High Durability (HD) Cut Wire

Introducing the newest technology to reduce shot-peening media consumption and dust generation.

High Durability (HD) Cut Wire Shot Features:

  • Heat-treated and tempered to reduce abrasive consumption by 40% vs. standard cut wire shot
  • Reduce costs of dust generation, maintenance, wear part replacement, dust disposal and freight
  • North American based manufacture and raw material sourcing
  • Meets specifications J0441, AMS-2431-3, AMS-2431-8 and VDFI-8001
  • Available in shapes: As-cut (Z), CCW (G1), DCCW (G2) and SCCW (G3)

Hardness Ranges

VDFI-8001 64055-58610-670
VDFI-8001 67056-60640-700
VDFI-8001 70058-68670-730

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