In-Line Digital Sand Testing

Sinto’s In-Line Sand Testing (IDST) can measure sand properties immediately before the molding machine:

▶ Compressive strength ▶ Moisture ▶ Permeability ▶ Sand temperature ▶ Active clay (calculated value)


In a green sand molding line, due to distance between the mixing process and molding process, sand properties differ between that at the mixer and that actually used at the molding machine.  This difference is caused by the sand transportation system design, climate, etc.  As a better sand control method for improving casting quality, IDST allows control of sand properties right before molding machine, allowing easier tracing of molding sand than in the past.


  • Can be integrated with existing online muller controls to minimize sand variability between the muller and the molding machine
  • Eliminates the need for operator muller compactability adjustment due to changing sand and environmental conditions
  • Acquired data can be exported for display on production monitoring systems such as Sinto Analytics